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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) – Recruitment & Assessment Centre (RAC) has initiated a recruitment campaign for various positions in the year 2023. These roles encompass Project Scientist ‘F’, ‘D’, ‘C’, and ‘B’ positions, amounting to a total of 55 available vacancies. If you’re seeking an opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise to cutting-edge research and development ventures, this is your chance to become a member of the DRDO team. This is a unique occasion to engage with a dynamic organization that pioneers technological advancements. Secure this promising career path by submitting your application promptly.

The recruitment drive invites applicants with qualifications across diverse domains of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology. The positions vary in experience requirements and consolidate the requisite qualifications, like a first-class bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology from a recognized university or equivalent. The age limits for the positions range from 35 to 55 years, depending on the role. There is a nominal application fee for certain categories of candidates, payable online, while SC/ST/Divyang and Women candidates are exempted from it. Aspiring candidates can start the application process by registering online on the RAC website, then complete the application form, ensuring the necessary documents are uploaded and the application is locked and finalized before submission.

This recruitment drive offers a remarkable chance to become part of DRDO’s pioneering efforts in technological innovation and development, making it a compelling opportunity for those passionate about making a significant impact in the field.

DRDO recruitment 2023 Eligibility

The DRDO recruitment for 2023 encompasses various positions, each with specific eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the eligibility requirements for different Project Scientist positions:

Project Scientist ‘F’:

Required Qualifications: Applicants should possess a qualifying degree in various disciplines related to Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, etc. Any other relevant discipline mentioning ‘Computer Science’ as the main subject is also accepted.

Age Limit: Not exceeding 55 years.

Project Scientist ‘D’:

Required Qualifications: Candidates need a first-class bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology from a recognized university or equivalent. They should have a minimum of 5 years of experience in areas such as AI/ML, RDBMS, GIS, computer networking, programming language, scripting language, software engineering, computer graphics, SQA, and algorithm analysis. Experience in Fusion of multi-sensors big data is also preferred.

Age Limit: Not exceeding 45 years.

Project Scientist ‘C’:

Required Qualifications: A First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology is required. Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years of working experience in areas such as MATLAB/SIMULINK, Independent Verification and Validation (V&V), Artificial Intelligence, and Object-oriented design.

Age Limit: Not exceeding 40 years.

Project Scientist ‘B’:

Required Qualifications: Candidates need to have a First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology from a recognized university or equivalent.

Age Limit: Not exceeding 35 years.

These eligibility criteria are specific to the roles mentioned in the recruitment drive. It’s important for applicants to carefully review and understand these requirements before submitting their applications.

DRDO recruitment 2023 Vacancies

The DRDO recruitment drive for 2023 offers a total of 55 vacancies across various Project Scientist positions. Here’s a breakdown of the vacancies for each position:

Project Scientist ‘F’: 1 Vacancy

Project Scientist ‘D’: 12 Vacancies

Project Scientist ‘C’: 30 Vacancies

Project Scientist ‘B’: Remaining vacancies after allocating to the other positions

These vacancies provide opportunities for individuals with varying levels of experience and qualifications to contribute their skills and expertise to the innovative projects and initiatives undertaken by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

DRDO recruitment 2023 Salary

The salary for DRDO recruitment 2023 varies based on the different Project Scientist positions. Here’s an overview of the consolidated monthly pay for each position:

Project Scientist ‘F’: Rs. 2,20,717/-

Project Scientist ‘D’: Rs. 1,24,612/-

Project Scientist ‘C’: Rs. 1,08,073/-

The provided salaries are on a consolidated basis per month. It’s important to note that these figures are subject to the terms and conditions specified in the official recruitment notification. Candidates considering these positions should review the detailed information provided in the official announcement to gain a comprehensive understanding of the salary structure and other benefits associated with the roles.

DRDO recruitment 2023 Selection process

The selection process for DRDO recruitment in 2023 typically involves multiple stages to assess the candidates’ suitability for the Project Scientist positions. While the exact process might vary, the general steps often include:

Application Review: Initially, all submitted applications are reviewed to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria and necessary qualifications.

Screening: Eligible applications are then screened to shortlist candidates based on their qualifications and experience.

Written Examination: Shortlisted candidates may have to undergo a written examination that assesses their technical knowledge, domain expertise, and problem-solving skills.

Interview: Candidates who perform well in the written examination are typically invited for an interview. The interview evaluates their technical skills, understanding of the field, and their ability to contribute effectively to the projects.

Document Verification: Shortlisted candidates are required to provide original documents for verification, which may include educational certificates, experience certificates, and other relevant documents.

Final Selection: The final selection is based on the combined performance in the written examination and interview stages. The candidates who meet the criteria and perform exceptionally well are offered the respective Project Scientist positions.

It’s important for candidates to thoroughly review the official recruitment notification for specific details about the selection process, including the weightage given to each stage, any additional assessments, and the overall evaluation criteria.

How to apply for DRDO recruitment 2023

To apply for DRDO recruitment in 2023, follow these general steps:

Online Registration: Visit the official DRDO – Recruitment & Assessment Centre (RAC) website (https://rac.gov.in) and look for the specific recruitment advertisement for the year 2023. Register yourself by providing the required information.

Application Form: Log in to your registered account on the RAC website and navigate to the application form for the desired Project Scientist position.

Fill Application Form: Fill in all the required details accurately, including personal information, educational qualifications, work experience, and other relevant information.

Upload Documents: Scan and upload the necessary documents, which may include educational certificates, experience certificates, identification proofs, and any other documents required as per the official notification.

Application Fee Payment: If applicable, pay the non-refundable application fee through the provided online payment methods. Ensure that you follow the payment instructions accurately.

Review and Finalize: Double-check all the details you’ve entered and ensure that all required documents have been uploaded correctly.

Lock and Submit: After reviewing and finalizing the application, lock and submit it. Once the application is locked, no further changes can be made.

Print Application Form: After submission, you may have the option to print a copy of the submitted application form for your records.

Keep Track: Keep a record of your application number and other relevant details for future reference.

Remember that these steps are general guidelines and the specific application process might have slight variations based on the recruitment advertisement and the DRDO’s procedures. Always refer to the official recruitment notification and instructions provided on the official website for accurate and up-to-date information on how to apply for DRDO recruitment in 2023.

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